The Band

Whiskey Alibi, with tight vocal harmonies and stellar musicianship, takes the best of rock, pop, and country, and serves them "straight up", like a good shot of aged bourbon. We're all about variety, mixing classics you'll never hear a cover band perform with new songs that will be classic tomorrow, and we stir in enough dance tunes to keep an audience moving...

Photo Galleries:

T-Bones on the Lake: 2-19-2016

Amped for Autism / McHales: 4-19-2014

Skinnyz: 5-25-13

Pucketts Farm Equipment: 12-10-11

Promotional Photos

(Band portraits below: Copyright Steve Moore)

  Kristyna Culp - Mandolin, Vocals, Percussion

The winsome, quiet, shy, petite flower of the group. NOT! Kristyna is either amusing everyone with her antics, or dancing maniacally at any given opportunity. "Stagefright" is our reaction to whatever she's doing. Kristyna is a "computer simulation modeler" and sometimes business manager who has been known to sing bluegrass tunes. Or Gershwin. Occasionally at the same time, and doesn't care which, mostly... A native of Gaston County, NC, she usually says "Belmont" because she thinks it's less boastful and pretentious.

  Delia Caldwelll - Bass, Vocals

Delia is a product of Berklee College of Music. (Stop that! We know what you're thinking! Why would SHE join up with YOU???) Simple: we told her we were an "electric avante garde chamber ensemble bringing music to the people." That's how.) She understands what musical theory means, which is good because some of us haven't heard of it before.) Epic bass player. Monstrous even. (No relation to Neal. Doesn't want relations, either.)

  Nick Sturdivant - Drums

Nick is one of those people you meet with "lots of layers". Just an example: we knew he was a really good, tasteful drummer, but one night we gave him a solo and he nearly burnt the place down... (There was a metal-God in there - who knew?) However, if you want a good laugh, pay close attention to his (quiet) comments if he plays slightly "less skillfully" than he intended. (Be warned: they're usually a bit unfit for younger audiences). But it breaks us up every time... He also likes Waffle House, which almost makes up for being an Eagles fan...

  Mike Sites - Guitar, Vocals

Mike is a "construction administrator" and though we're not sure what that means, it sounds really cool. When we told him we were in the late-night "adult entertainment" industry, he immediately asked if he could join the band, but now we don't have the heart to explain it to him. He told us that he's a native southerner (by way of Maine), because "Maine is south of Canada". But sadly, he still thinks southern rock is what you play on the New Hampshire side of Bar Harbor. Excuse me: "Bah Hahbuh..." (And a smokin' guitar player...)

  Neal Caldwell - Guitar, Harmonica, Fiddle, Keys, Vocals & "Hat"

Neal is still trying to figure out how he got in a (mostly) rock band. "I was minding my own business and all this electric stuff showed up." He believes "Jimi Hendrix was a great banjo player but not as good as Clapton." A graphic designer by trade, he prefers people think of him as an "undiscovered" rock star, which makes artistic poverty easier to explain. A native of West Virginia (Fayetteville), but don't hold that against him. Just hide your pork rinds and PBR when he's around.